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10 Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety

10 Natural Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety can be difficult to live with. But there are many natural ways to deal with it. 

Can’t sleep? Short of breath? Nauseous? Stressed? Having dark or negative thoughts? Feeling like no matter what you do, you are just not good enough?

That’s called anxiety. And you’re not alone. 

When you’re stressed and anxious, daily situations can seem impossible to handle. And the sad truth is that, as women, we are almost twice as likely to be affected by anxiety than men. We like to think that perhaps this has something to do with women maturing faster, meaning we’re more aware of the world at an earlier age. 

Katie Lear, an anxiety therapist, says:

Anxiety can hold young women back from really enjoying life to the fullest. Women struggling with social anxiety may call out sick from school and social events more than their peers, which can lead to falling behind in class or being out of the loop socially. This, in turn, can lead to even more anxiety, creating a vicious cycle.

So whether you’re in high school, college or in the early stages of your professional career, chances are you may suffer from a bit of anxiety from time to time. Especially if you tend to overthink.

What is anxiety?

Let’s start by defining the problem. Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. When you’re in a stressful situation, anxiety presents itself as fear or apprehension. 

Many things can induce stress and anxiety, but unknown, uncertain or new situations can have a more immediate effect. So it’s no surprise that situations such as moving to a different city or country, an important talk with a partner or even losing your job can make you feel anxious. 

So if you find yourself feeling fearful or nervous, then you’re probably coping with anxiety.

Most Common Anxiety Symptoms in Women

Anxiety symptoms in women differ depending on the type of anxiety you suffer and can vary according to the situation you’re in and from person to person. 

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Muscle tension
  • Depressive thoughts, attitudes or behaviours
  • Poor memory or lack of concentration
  • Urge to consume alcohol or drugs
  • Mood swings
  • Anger, hostility or negative thinking patterns
  • Increased heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Restlessness
  • Irregular sleep patterns and fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Nightmares or panic attacks
  • A general feeling of fear

If the anxiety is ordinary (meaning it comes and goes without interfering with your everyday life) the symptoms tend to be milder. But if the feelings of apprehension or fear are stronger and the anxiety presents itself as a disorder, it can have crippling effects in a woman’s life. 

Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist, says:

Chronic anxiety is destructive as it causes physical and mental distress. [It] can disrupt daily life, sleep, and also cause significant health issues in the long term. Research shows that chronic anxiety is linked to a variety of health issues including diabetes, strokes, and various cardiac conditions.

Also, she states that “the body is not meant to be constantly flooded with adrenaline and cortisol (the essential fight or flight stress hormones)” - which is exactly what your body produces when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

The bad news is that chronic anxiety can be extremely damaging for your body’s health. But the good news is that there are natural ways (no medication necessary!) to cope with stress and anxiety that will let you enjoy life to the fullest.

10 Natural ways to deal with anxiety

Not all anxiety remedies have to include medication or drugs. If your anxiety levels aren’t crippling and you don’t need to see a doctor for brain chemistry issues, then you can treat anxiety with natural remedies that will help calm you down. 

Below is a list of 10 ways to get rid of anxiety attacks, naturally:

1. Start meditation

Though it may sound far fetched, meditation can help you turn off your anxiety and gain control of your emotions. Deep breathing techniques, accompanied by relaxing music and an inward thought journey may help you find the root of your anxiety and enable you to treat it from the very source.

2. Avoid alcohol

If you feel like grabbing a drink to take the edge off a stressful day, we’re here to tell you it might not be the best of ideas. Alcohol can act as a stimulant when taken in small doses - acting as the buzz you’re looking for - but if taken in large quantities, it turns around and acts as a depressant. This is the last thing you need when dealing with anxiety and stress, as it can mess with your mood and overall balance.

Try to avoid - or at least reduce - your alcohol consumption while dealing with anxiety problems.

3. Drink less coffee

Caffeine stimulates your brain and body. But if you’re already stressed, short of breath and anxious, then drinking coffee is like pouring gasoline into a fire. Swap caffeinated drinks for water, herbal teas or natural juices - they’ll keep you hydrated and energised without tripping your internal wires.

4. Quit smoking

The more stressed you are, the more you smoke. It’s a vicious cycle where no one comes out a winner. Plus, like alcohol, nicotine can act as a stimulant, leading to energy crashes and low mood swings. Even though a quick smoke can seem like the perfect way to de-stress, it’s actually better to put out the cigarette and take up healthier habits.

5. Exercise!

Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, exercise helps release endorphins. It’s also a great way to take the edge off the day, stop your mind from overthinking and tire you out enough to get a good night’s sleep. Boxing, yoga, running, CrossFit, dancing - all of these exercises are great for treating anxiety in a natural way.

6. Get more sleep

We know. It isn’t that simple. And if you could fix this, you would. But lack of sleep can affect your body’s main functions, as well as cause stress and anxiety. If you’re having too much trouble sleeping, try creating a soothing routine before going to bed. Avoid working until late hours of the night or watching TV. Read a book, listen to relaxing music, take a bath, or meditate. Try to wind down at least 60 minutes before the hour you want to be asleep by. 

If you’re having too much trouble sleeping, then we recommend you try our Anxt Night Capsules. Made with a unique formula composed of natural plant extracts, they will help you achieve the best of dreams, preparing you for a comforting night of restoring sleep. 

7. Live a well-balanced lifestyle

The balance between mind and body is essential to deal with stress and avoid anxiety. Eating healthy, avoiding refined sugars, drinking enough water, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are the magic keys to a life free of anxiety. Also, remember to always make time for fun activities that make your life enjoyable.

8. Practice aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a popular technique that uses essential oils to promote health, well-being and a sense of calmness. Aromatherapy can help you relax, sleep and even reduce your heart rate. 

Caleb Backe, from Maple Holistics, says that “essential oils both encourage melatonin hormone production and create an overall sense of relaxation.” Some of the most common essential oils for reducing anxiety are bergamot, lavender, lemon, mint, tea tree and ylang-ylang. If you’re willing to try aromatherapy, our Anxt Daytime Spray contains a calming mixture of relaxing plant extracts, including lemon balm - a perennial herb from the mint family.

9. Find hobbies

Doing something you love can help get your mind off things that are bothering or stressing you out. Music, reading, painting, dancing, taking photographs - whatever makes you happy! Go out with your friends, hug your loved ones, take some time to be with your family. Fill up your time with something you love, calm your mind and enjoy a life free of anxiety.

10. Use natural medication

You can combat stress and anxiety with specialised products that help alleviate stress and calm your mind. Our Anxt Daytime Spray is formulated with a blend made of 100% natural plant extracts, including medicinal herbs such as ashwagandha, lemon balm, l-theanine (from tea leaves), GABA amino-acid, and Rhodiola Rosea. This mixture can help your body manage stress, combat and deal with anxiety in a 100% natural way

Remember we also have our Anxt Night Capsules, which are made to help you get a great night’s sleep. Or if you want to try them all, then our Anxt Day and Night Pack includes both remedies for a 360º natural solution for achieving a calming state of mind. 

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve all been stressed out, doubted ourselves or felt like we’re caught in an impossible situation. But the important thing to remember is that there are ways to deal with anxiety and cope with stress. And remember: you are not alone. And you’ve got this.