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Customer Review @Mindbodyandbaby

Customer Review @Mindbodyandbaby

Personal review of ANXT Products - @Mindbodyandbaby (Jas Sohal)


I have been using Anxt products for just over 3-4 months now. To say I have noticed a difference is an understatement. It was only when I stopped taking them that I noticed how much of a difference it made to my sleep and anxiety levels throughout the day.

Being a mom of now two, my sleep has taken a huge hit with a newborn who feeds throughout the night. It’s very easy in those moments to let the stress hormones take over especially when you feel like you never really get to catch up on you sleep. But the moments I do sleep I am getting a better quality of sleep. There’s a level of ease when it comes to falling asleep straight after each feed. I used to fight sleep a lot during my pregnancy and panic at the idea of losing sleep, causing me to actually lose sleep!

Anxiety for me can be quite crippling, I do often find myself unable to leave the house just because the idea of being alone with my toddler in public can be quite daunting. He’s so full of energy which I try to embrace but it can take its toll on my mental health as I panic that others may see him as ‘different’. I found the daytime spray incredibly useful for these moments, as it was something I could keep in my pocket and use if I felt like it. I love how discreet the packaging looks, it doesn’t scream ‘anxiety relief’.

As a sleep consultant, I recommend the night capsules to most of my clients, they too have found them life changing. It’s a product I feel so highly about and I advocate ANXT to everyone I know who struggles with sleep or anxiety.

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