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Why Choose Anxt?

Why Choose Anxt?

Why did we start Anxt?

It may be no surprise that 1 in 6 people in the United Kingdom are currently experiencing anxiety or stress related symptoms. That statistic was our driving force behind starting Anxt. We wanted to find a way to alleviate both day to day and night time stress. Sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of ones wellbeing so we knew we had to prioritise this. 

Our two products are designed to promote composure while highlighting the importance of taking a moment for yourself. We understand the importance of self care, but we understand not everyone is in an environment where this can be conducted freely, therefore we ensured products looked discrete but desirable. 

What products do we sell?

ANXT Night Capsules - Manufactured in the United Kingdom, each vegan and vegetarian friendly capsule is filled with a unique formula of plant extracts designed to help users with a relaxing nights sleep. With a 1-2 months supply (contains 60 capsules) capsules should be taken once per day before bed time.

ANXT Daytime Spray - The daytime spray is a discrete spray bursting with a unique formula of powerful herbs and natural plant based extracts, making it 100% vegan friendly. In a discreet pocket size of 120mm x 15mm the spray contains 150 doses, designed to calm, soothe and relax users.

How is Anxt different from other products on the market?

Anxt specialises in the ethical sourcing of the highest quality and innovative ingredients on the market. The products are designed to be discreet so you can take them with you, anytime you need them, wherever you go. We want users to feel comfortable taking out the products without the fear of judgement which could heighten their anxieties.

We spent a lot of time finding the right compilation of ingredients, ensuring the science backs their use for managing anxiety symptoms.